Acceptable Computer Use

The Desert Foothills Library provides access to a variety of electronic resources that bring a world full of information to our patrons in a convenient and cost-effective manner. These resources include CD-ROM produces, locally mounted databases, and access to inter-networked databases. In order to encourage the responsible use of these resources by our patrons, the library has established the following definitions, guidelines and policies.

External Networks and the Internet

The Desert Foothills Library provides limited access to resources available on the Internet. The library is not and does not intend to be a full-service Internet access provider. Some internet services will not be provided through the library’s connections. Services, which may not be available on all library Internet connections, include newsgroups, chat, telnet, FTP and personal electronic mail accounts.

The library takes precautions to protect its system and equipment from viruses. However, users of any publicly accessible systems and equipment should be aware of the potential for transmission of computer viruses. Downloading is not available from these machines. The library is not responsible for any computer viruses transmitted to patrons’ computers through improper or unauthorized transfer of files to other media used by the patron.

The library is responsible only for information pertaining directly to the library and its services. It does not control the availability of external connections to other computer systems, which may change unpredictably. Not all sources on the Internet provide accurate, complete or current information. Therefore, the library does not assume responsibility for the content and/or accuracy of information residing on other computer systems. Parents of minor children are responsible for supervising their children’s use of the library’s computer resources. All minor children must be accompanied by a responsible adult in order to use the computer equipment.


In accordance with ARS 41-1354, The Desert Foothills Library is required to protect the confidentiality of our library users’ borrowing and library use records.

Legal, Ethical and Responsible Use

Library equipment used to access electronic resources and/or networks may only be used for lawful purposes by library patrons and staff. By using the library system equipment and electronic infrastructure, library patrons imply their agreement to abide by the posted Library rules and regulations and the following list of acceptable behaviors:

1. Users of electronic resources will respect the needs of other library users to do research in calm and quiet surroundings without interference from others.

2. Users of electronic resources will not bring food or beverages (including water) into the computer area. These items can cause severe damage to equipment if spilled or dropped.

3. Users are responsible for disconnecting software in use and returning to the Desert Foothills Library screen.

4. Users of local or remote databases will not spend excessive (more than allowed amounts) of time at library computers or engage in any activity which impedes other library patron’s access to electronic resources.

5. Users will not cause damage to equipment, software or databases through abusive or destructive behavior.

6. Children accompanying users of electronic resources are to be supervised and monitored by a responsible adult to prevent them from playing with the equipment or otherwise causing damage.

7. Parents, not library staff, are responsible for monitoring their children’s use of electronic information resources accessed at the library.

8. Users are responsible for material that is accessed.

Examples of unacceptable use include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Harassment or stalking other users.

2. Libeling or slandering other users.

3. Destruction of, damage to, or unauthorized modification of equipment, software, or data belonging to the library or other users, a violation of Arizona law (ARS 13-2316).

4. Disruption of or unauthorized monitoring of electronic communications.

5. Unauthorized or illegal copying of copyright-protected materials, a violation of US law (US code, Title 17).

6. Violation or attempted violation of computer system security.

7. Unauthorized use of computer accounts, access codes, or network identification numbers assigned to others, or any activity that is in violation of Arizona law (ARS 13-3707).

8. Engaging in activity that wastes technology resources including bandwidth, file space and printers.

9. Violation of software license agreements.

10. Violation of network usage policies and regulations.

11. Violation of another user’s privacy

12. Violation of Arizona law ( ARS 13-3501, 13-3506, 13-3507, (statute was repealed)) by using the library’s electronic systems to display explicit sexual material.

13. Violation of State and Federal laws regarding implanting virus programs and tampering with private mail systems.


Use of the library’s electronic resources is monitored by library staff. Library staff reserve the right to interrupt activity to block access to sites that interfere with the performance of the library’s computer system, conflict with authorized use of library resources or equipment, or violate local, State or Federal law.


Failure to use the Desert Foothills Library’s electronic resource access equipment appropriately, responsibly and in accordance with the use policy may result in revocation of library use privileges, and may also have legal consequences.